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I have been thinking to write a blog for a while... but since I am not media "savvy" I kept on postponing it. I finally decided to write this blog because I think it can be a useful platform to widespread information about topics related to my work as a mental health counselor. I hope this blog can be a practical and easy way to share useful information with my clients, prospective clients and a broad audience (if anybody reads it...).

As a registered mental heath counselor intern, I am interested in promoting my clients' self-growth, balance, and empowerment. I have experience in the treatment of a broad range of problems such as trauma, PTSD, domestic violence, grief, ADHD, abuse, anxiety, depression, anger management, adolescent issues, self-esteem, and stress management. Thus, this blog will often focus on information about these topics.

Since I treat my clients using evidence-based techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma Focused Cognitive BehavioralTherapy (TF-CBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MCBT) and Transpersonal Therapy, this blog will also offer information on these treatments.

My webpage ( contains a resources page on domestic violence, abuse, PTSD and meditation. I hope this blog can complement the information found there. Sometimes I will also write in Portuguese (my native language) and Spanish because I would like the information I share to be accessible to a broad range of readers.

So thank you very much for your interest! I hope you will be interested in reading all the incoming blogs...

Take care!


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